Want to know the best indicator of happiness? A healthy body and mind. Without our health, we aren’t able to perform all the activities and functions that lead to a happy, successful life. This is sometimes easier said than done, though.

Throughout our lives, we’re faced with many obstacles that could hinder our health and happiness. Periods of intense training, medical issues, chronic stress, and aging all contribute to less-than-ideal health. That’s why the scientists at EBSTEE created specialized products to help us stay healthy and recover faster from the stress we put our bodies under. 

EBSTEE was started by a group of scientists steeped in the development of the products joining hands with  technologists to bring these products to consumers through the latest digital interfaces. A career financial expert completes the founding team. One common thread that binds this diverse team together is the need for honest probiotics driven by science and data as beneficial dietary supplements, with no marketing gimmicks.

Many companies claim to have the best or most healthy probiotics in a single product. Yet, more isn’t always better. Increasing the number of strains or Colony Forming Units (CFUs) have no scientific backing and can oftentimes harm our gut health, throwing everything out of balance.

Our products contain safe amounts of CFU and an ideal combination of bacterial strains known to be present in a young healthy microbiome flora. We deliver the thoughtfully researched, third-party tested essential and beneficial bacteria needed to keep you healthy, safe, and energized. 

Our difference - We have gone the extra mile

Human microbiome derived

All our probiotics contain bacteria that are naturally present in a healthy microbiome and are recognized to be safe by the FDA. This ensures that we do not disturb the natural balance in our body.

SCIENCE backed

Science is always evolving and we’re discovering new functions of probiotics faster than we could ever imagine. And with this constant advancement of technology and research, paired with our collaboration with industrial and academic research labs, we are able to offer the latest in breakthrough health products.

Third party tested

Third Party Tested conforming to  U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) standards, the same organization that sets the testing standards for prescription medicines.


Everybody (and every body) is unique and so is their health concerns and health goals. So we designed our probiotics the same way. Each line of products is created to address specific health goals like improving energy, reducing bloat, and supporting antioxidant functions.


This innovative technology is comprised of a matrix that forms an outer gel as the tablet/capsule travels through the gastrointestinal tract allowing for the diffusion of actives as the matrix hydrates and erodes.
This ensures you get most of the bacteria in the caplet without needing to dangerously overload the caplet with a high CFU of bacteria.


EBSTEE caplets comes with technology that provides sustained release of probiotics over time. This ensures that the probiotics are released to your digestive system for a sustained amount of time.


Manufactured in GMP-certified plants that follow Good Manufacturing Practises as per the FDA guidelines. They are all manufactured in the USA.


Our finished products are 100% plant-based with all-natural probiotics. They do not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers. We’ll leave that to the other guys. Our manufacturing process also does not use any animal-derived products.


All the probiotic bacteria, enzymes, and any prebiotics (plant extracts) strictly adhere to non-GMO definitions. None of the ingredients are genetically modified.