Debunking the MYTHS About PROBIOTICS

From baking bread to making cheese to brewing beer, Probiotics have been around for ages. Modern science and research have uncovered the importance of probiotics for a healthy life.

With growing popularity of probiotics come the commercial consolidation of the global business. Global probiotic supplement market is set to grow to $70B by 2023. With small and large suppliers competing for market share, the competition is intense. This leaves the consumers confused and often misled when the products compete for their attention.

This e-book is an attempt to help a consumer to understand the basics of Probiotics so that they can make an informed decision while integrating probiotics into their lifestyle. 

What to EXPECT

– Basics of probiotics
– Natural sources of probiotics
– Role of probiotics in our body
– Typical myths about probiotics
– 20 minutes read


– How to read a probiotic supplement
– Best source of probiotics in nature
– When to look for probiotic supplements
– Pitfalls while looking for probiotics